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Chapter 364 Shen Ruxin’s Pleas for Help

  • “Shen Ruxin,” Pei Ruo replied.
  • Tang Yin frowned slightly. “Why does she want to meet me?”
  • “I’m not sure, but she has come over consecutively for three days now. I’m guessing that she has some urgent matters that she needs you to look into,” Pei Ruo suggested.
  • “Okay then. I’ll contact her later on.” Tang Yin nodded. He had no idea why the Young Miss of the Shen Family wanted to look for him. Could it be that she was depressed and wanted to vent because she couldn’t get used to Wuhan University?
  • Tang Yin pondered before shaking his head and eliminating that thought. Shen Ruxin was from the military, and it was obvious that she had passed different psychological tests. As such, something like that was unlikely to happen.
  • Not bothering to think too much about it, Tang Yin went to send Hu Song and the others to the hospital after arranging a few men to clean the house.
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