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Chapter 363 Han Qi’s Answer

  • Tang Yin stared at Han Qi, his heart dropping slightly; the latter’s demeanor today was definitely not normal.
  • “Young Master, do you really want to know?”
  • “Yes, you have to give me an answer no matter what.” Tang Yin chuckled.
  • Han Qi lowered her head, her voice sounding dejected. “I might have to disappoint you, Young Master!”
  • “That’s fine.” Upon hearing that, Tang Yin knew her answer right away. Although they weren’t in a conflict, Han Qi had expressed her opinions through her attitude.
  • “I’m sorry, but it’s not possible for me to be on your side! In terms of capabilities, you can’t even compare to Tang Wei, and among the Tang Family, you aren’t considered popular too! Moreover, when it comes to being ruthless, you can’t compare to the Third Family! You can’t blame me for this, Young Master. After all, the Han Family depends on me, hence I do not want to get involved in this!” Han Qi took a sip of her wine before chuckling sarcastically. “Young Master, I hope that you won’t look for me after you leave today… After all, I do not want those behind me to get suspicious!”
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