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Chapter 336 The Yin Family’s Complaints

  • “Don’t worry, I won’t break my promise!” Yuan Zhian smiled lightly before spreading her hands. “I just felt that you didn’t perform well enough and that there were many places that needed improvements! For example, at this scene where you were killing Tian Zhenzhong, you hesitated! You’re not supposed to act like this! Do you understand what I mean?”
  • Tian Wei stared at Yuan Zhian in stunt silence as waves of emotions washed over him. Tian Rui, on the other hand, stared at her with hollow eyes; she felt that this woman wasn’t even human at all, and instead she was a monster!
  • “However, you may leave this place now as you have completed your mission!” Yuan Zhian smiled, then stood up and suggested, “I would recommend you to get in touch with the doctors outside and stay back to get your treatment! By the way, Yin Ningfu is still here; I’ll leave her up to you then.”
  • Tian Wei was stunned; he didn’t understand what Yuan Zhian meant.
  • “I heard that Yin Ningfu went to look for you at Shang Qing Group the last time to get you to go against us, am I right?” Yuan Zhian shook her head and sneered, “That woman wanted to use you to reach her own goals; she has taken advantage of Shang Qing Group, using you guys as her weapon…”
  • Tian Wei suddenly recalled what Yin Ningfu had done previously and what she had done toward Shang Qing Group as well as her arrogant face. If it weren’t for her instigations, he wouldn’t have attacked Tang Yin and caused all of these drama.
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