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Chapter 315 Failing to Appreciate One’s Kindness

  • “Young Master Tian, are you clear about the situation inside?” A middle-aged man in his forties got out of the car and lifted his head to look at Tian Wei.
  • Tian Wei smirked and said, “This place has been under surveillance since yesterday afternoon. Only two trucks left the place. Everyone else is still inside!”
  • “That’s all good then!” De Long nodded and said, “Don’t forget to fulfill your promise to me!”
  • “Rest assured! Once this is done, you can bring your men to the pier and there will be someone to help you once you arrive in Southeast Asia! Your reward—thirty million—will also be given to you then!” The corners of Tian Wei’s mouth turned up as he said, “Even if you do nothing for the rest of your life, thirty million will be more than enough for you to live out your retirement…”
  • De Long was very satisfied to hear this. He then lifted his right hand to give a secret hand sign to the people behind him.
  • Two to three hundred men immediately started to get ready as their eyes stared at the faraway manor.
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