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Chapter 294 Let’s Play It Big

  • The disappearance of the Duan Family and the Yin Family had plunged Shanghai into terror.
  • Normally, this wouldn’t have happened. After all, both families were big shots in Shanghai. If they did not appear for one day or half a day, it was still justifiable. However, they had disappeared for two days already. As such, things had just gotten interesting.
  • Tang Yin gave them three days to apologize for the bombing of Yun Ding Estate. In addition to that, the Yin Family and the Duan Family had disappeared for two days. Hence, everybody couldn’t help but wonder whether these incidents were connected.
  • They were afraid that this matter had something to do with that person from the Tang Family.
  • When Tian Zhenzhong, who was in Shang Qing Group’s office, heard this, his expression looked extremely dark.
  • Yu Gui, who was standing at the side, bowed down and said, “Somebody discovered that there were a few car accidents near Yin Estate, but the bodies have all been taken away by the police. According to some sources, the policemen who showed up did not verify the identity of the victims, nor did they question the witnesses. Most likely, somebody has impersonated the police.”
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