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Chapter 291 Shang Qing Group’s Attitude

  • When Yin Ruihan heard this, he quickly looked out the window and saw that Tang Yin, who was originally not far away, had vanished.
  • The three cars left one after another, leaving only an empty street in the distance, thereby making the place look desolated.
  • Inhaling deeply, Yin Ruihan looked conflicted at the moment. “He’s obviously putting on a show of force against us! There were over a hundred casualties at Yun Ding Estate. Although it isn’t the act of the Yin Family, we still had something to do with it! Duan Jincheng had set a trap for Tang Yin with Ningfu as the accomplice, so why would he let us off the hook?”
  • “What should we do now?” Yin Gang quickly asked.
  • “Let’s take it one step at a time. We shall wait and observe the situation first.” Yin Ruihan sighed gently.
  • Yun Ze stopped in his tracks as well. Since Tang Yin had already left, he did not have any reason to go out at all; if those idiot bandits get their hands on him, wouldn’t he be wrongfully killed?
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