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Chapter 21 That’s Not What You Said Earlier

  • "I-I didn't see it!" Lin Chuchu wailed and burst into tears, no longer able to hold their flow from her eyes.
  • "You didn't see it?! You made a report against Mr. Tang Yin without seeing it?!" Pei Ruo turned around and icily reproached Lin Chuchu. "What you did was defamation, do you know that? I can bring you to court at any time to ensure that you apologize to Mr. Tang Yin. As a student, you slandered and attempted to frame another individual; do you think that you have the right to remain a student at this school?! "
  • "I...Chen Wei is the one who told me. His roommate—Chen Wei—is the one who told me!" Lin Chuchu hastily disclosed before spinning around to turn toward Zhang Ting. "Chen Wei told me everything!"
  • Zhang Ting gritted his teeth and glowered at Lin Chuchu before hollering, "If you didn't see it, why did you come to make the report?!"
  • Shocked silly, Lin Chuchu's strength drained from her and she slumped onto the ground where she burst into tears again. "I—I was instigated!" she cried out.
  • "Call Chen Wei here..." Chief Lin instructed softly.
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