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Chapter 162 Your Claims Don’t Hold Water

  • Frank’s face instantly hardened. “Give the brat a little taste of hell.”
  • “Do you know what this place is?!” Irate, Chen Qifeng turned to look back at Pei Ruo. “Pei Ruo, that brat won’t take care of you or even shield you from harm!”
  • While Tang Yin was rendered speechless for a moment, Frank’s man had already made his move, pulling out a baseball bat and swinging it at Chen Qifeng.
  • Chen Qifeng was flabbergasted. “You dare to assault me?! The police will be here right away!”
  • Pop!
  • The sound reverberated around the room, and Chen Qifeng stumbled two steps backward before falling onto the floor, his shoulder dislocated from the impact. From the looks of it, he might not even be able to get up on his feet.
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