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Chapter 6 Making a big mistake

  • (Jacob)
  • I was enjoying my walk with snow and I didn't want it to end but it was getting late and I could tell he was tired as he was slowing down a bit but he wasn't giving up because I could tell he wanted to be in control so he could spend as much time as he could with me and I felt honored because of it. I stopped and took in snow's appearance. He is really beautiful with fur as white as snow and green eyes. Boy was I lucky or what?
  • " love you need to shift back so Arlo can be in Control. You're tired and need to rest." I cooed at him but he only growled as if telling me no.
  • " please snow? For me? I promise that we will do this again. We are mates after all." He was reluctant at first but then he shifted and I hurriedly took my shirt off so I can cover Arlo's naked form. He was blushing but also too tired to keep his eyes open.
  • " snow did a number on you didn't he?" I said as I lifted him up bridal style and made my way back to the pack house. His family was there waiting for us when we returned and when they saw the way I was carrying Arlo, they started freaking out thinking that he was hurt.
  • " it's ok everyone, he's just tired. I went for a walk with snow and he didn't want to give control over to Arlo so the walk took hours before he gave up." I explained but I could tell they were pissed.
  • " you should have let one of us know what was going on. You took our brother and we were worried, here hand him over." Logan said and I growled at him. I did learn all of their names but It was a bit hard trying to tell who was who because they were identical. I had to guess by the way they carried themselves which proved to be easier than I expected.
  • " he is my mate and my responsibility. We can continue fighting over him another time but right now I need to get him in bed so he can sleep." I said and he sighed.
  • " we're not done with this conversation." I nodded my head and made my way inside. After getting Arlo comfortable in his bed, not the room that he was in before. Oh no, I couldn't imagine him being in there locked up again because his family and I couldn't get along. My parents were going to visit, with the hopes of talking some sense into them. I couldn't believe I had to go through all of this, I had a pack to run but here I am wasting my time trying to fight for what was rightfully mine.
  • I get that Arlo wasn't an item, but his family sure acted like he was made of broken glass. I was like that with him too yes, but I wasn't so bad. After I took a shower in my room, I got dressed then mind link Landon so we can have that talk about what he did. He freaked out before saying that he marked Micah without his consent because he was afraid of getting rejected. Micah had no other choice but to accept Landon since a rejection could kill the both of them but what Landon did was wrong and I was disappointed in him.
  • Shortly after there was a knock on the door and I opened it and saw that it was Landon standing there. I told him to come in which he did.
  • " you have to believe me that I didn't want to do it like that but my wolf Shane took over and marked him. I didn't protest or anything because I felt like it was the right thing to do." He said and I sighed.
  • " I get what you're saying believe me getting rejected will only end up killing you but you do know you have a lot of making up to do after what you did right?" I asked and he nodded his head.
  • " yeah, I'm trying, Micah is just making it too hard for me." I didn't blame him because what Landon did was uncalled for.
  • " well try and do everything in your power to get him to forgive you because it's going to get challenging from now on." I replied as I was speaking from experience Since I had a lot of challenges so far. He nodded his head and left so I decided to go and check on Arlo to make sure he was ok. When I got to his room door, it was barricaded by the warriors here who refused to let me in, saying it was an order given to them that they couldn't go against.
  • I growled and closed my eyes by the time I reopened them, they were knocked unconscious on the ground and I smiled a little as I stepped over them and knocked the door down to get to my mate since it was locked. I saw Arlo on the bed crying and it made me want to find his brothers and teach them a lesson. I immediately engulfed him in a hug as his sobbing quieted down.
  • " I c-can't do this anymore Jacob." He said and I narrowed my eyes at him.
  • " what do you mean by that love?" I asked as he started hiccuping.
  • " my brothers, they are keeping me away from you and snow was acting crazy because of it. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up." He whined at the last part and I chuckled and kissed him.
  • " don't worry your pretty little head ok? I'll deal with your brothers." He looked at me with watery eyes and asked me what I was going to do to them.
  • " I'm not going to hurt them, I'm just going to talk to them do you believe me?" I asked and he slowly nodded his head. I kissed him and told him I'd be right back as I made my way outside as I went in search of his brothers who had the nerves to lock my mate up once more so he can be away from me.
  • I spotted a She wolf and I asked her if she had seen them to which she replied with a yes after batting her eyelashes at me and flirting with me. Well, she's not even my type so I won't even go there. After she told me that they were training, I made my way to the training ground so I can teach them a thing or two. Once I got there they stopped what they were doing and looked at me with wide frightened eyes as I realized midnight had taken over and looked at his pitched black eyes would scare anyone to death.
  • " now I'm only going to ask one question and one question only. Are you all ready to be punished?" They shivered and began shaking their heads but midnight wasn't going to let this go easily. They have gone too far now so it was time to teach them what it would be like to mess with what's mine. I won't hurt them like I've told Arlo, I'll just show them what it looks like when I'm extremely pissed off when midnight loses control. I hope that they are ready for what's to come because this time I wasn't backing down from any of them.