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Chapter 5 Locked up

  • (Arlo)
  • I was fidgeting the entire time I was talking to my family in the office. I couldn't concentrate because my mate was sitting next to me. My family was once again trying to run my life, telling me what to do and who to be with and I couldn't have that one bit. They all had their mates so why couldn't I have one too? They should be happy that someone wanted me and that I wasn't rejected in the first place.
  • ' shit, why did you have to think about that?' Snow asked me while he was whimpering at the thought of not being able to have his mate.
  • ' you know it could have happened so stop acting like that.' I chastised and he quieted down. I wanted them to see my point of view, to know that this was what I wanted but no they had to be difficult. Now here I am in a room, locked away from my mate until they can come up with a decision as to how they can still protect me even if I have a mate.
  • I smiled at that thought because I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to have someone with me. Even though my neck was hurting me from straining it to look at him, I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • ' uh, Arlo where are you?' Micah asked through mind link and I growled as I remembered I was still mad at him.
  • ' locked up in another room why?' I asked and he sighed.
  • ' This is stupid. I'm in a lot of trouble.' He started sobbing and I asked him what was wrong.
  • ' it's Landon. He's the beta of the pack that arrived today, I ran when I figured out he was my mate and he chased me. I was about to reject him but he marked me instead and now I'm stuck with him.' My eyes became wide as I listened to what he was saying.
  • ' that asshole! He marked you without your consent?' I asked and he replied with a yes.
  • ' What am I going to do Arlo? I'm so lost and I can't leave because he's here watching my every move.' I heard him whimpering as he closed the mind link which had me worried.
  • I decided to mind link Erick so he could go and check on Micah for me since I wasn't allowed out of this room until they got whatever issue they had resolved. He replied with an ok and I breathed a sigh of relief. I still couldn't believe this Landon guy, who was he to mark my best friend like that without his consent? I growled as I realized how upset I was with this entire thing, if I wasn't locked up I would surely be out there trying to rip Landon apart for hurting Micah. If only there was a way out of here but there wasn't, Reasons being is that the doors and windows in this room were made of silver and I couldn't touch it or I would be dead or in serious pain if I'm lucky.
  • Those bastards had to lock me in here so I wouldn't think about going after Jacob. If Only Jacob could open the door though because he was immune to silver, he said it was something about him being alpha king or whatever I don't care. So when they are ready to let me out Jacob was the one who would come and get me. They left me in here with a lot of snacks too, drinks and they even ordered pizza for me so I was full. I was tucked in on the bed with my head on way too many pillows just like they always do. it was comfortable as I went back to watching Moana. I know it's girly but I love it very much. It's one of the best animated movies I've ever watched so fight me.
  • ' Micah are you alright?' I said as I wanted to know even though I sent Erick to check on him so I can be able to relax.
  • ' Yeah I'm good he's gone now. He left me with a lot of stuff though so I guess that was a plus on his part.' I chuckled and shook my head.
  • ' what happened why did you close the link?' I asked and he groaned.
  • ' he figured out I was talking to you, threatened to kiss me and all. Erick came and got him just in time though so he didn't go through with it.' Oh well, it's good to know that he's alright. I wondered why we both have such idiots for mates. Jacob couldn't handle the fact that he had to share me and Micah is in a forced relationship with his mate, a mate that he didn't want.
  • ' so I wish I could see you in person because I have big news! I found my mate!' I shouted and he became excited.
  • ' so who is it?' He asked and I started telling him everything.
  • ' wow, I hope he knows what he's getting himself into. Your family is not going to let you go without a fight.' I groaned because he was right.
  • ' you shouldn't have run away when you did or you would have witnessed how they were acting, gosh they can be too much sometimes.' He agreed with me as I told him what took place. After talking to Micah, I fell asleep because there wasn't anything else to do. Erick did reassure me that he was alright which I already knew.
  • Couple of hours later snow started acting crazy, threatening to shift if he didn't have his mate with him. I dared him to and after using the bathroom he shifted! This nincompoop thought he could get out of here, ugh the things I had to deal with. I told him to mind link one of our brothers so they could get Jacob here since Jacob and I couldn't mind link as yet. We had to be mated and marked first before that could happen. Shortly after the door opened and I saw Jacob standing there with my brothers and snow started yipping happily once he spotted his mate.
  • " Wow, he's so white." Jacob said as he started playing with our fur.
  • " Why are you guys here? Can't I have some time alone with my mate?" He asked while growling at them.
  • "To leave you here so you can do goddess knows what to our brother? Over my dead body." Elijah replied and snow started whimpering while licking Jacob's hand.
  • " you know better than to talk back to me now get out all of you!" He shouted, annoyed at the fact that they were still there watching us like a hawk. They all left reluctantly because it was against the rules to disobey the alpha king once he uses his command on them.
  • " Finally, I thought they would never leave, now where was I?" He asked and snow started wagging his tail. I wanted to take control but he was fighting me because he wanted to spend some time with Jacob.
  • " how about we go for a walk hmm? Must be lonely cooped up in here by yourself uh mate?" He asked and snow started replied with a growl. I guess I wasn't going to get control for now so I had to deal with it as much as I didn't like it.