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Chapter 4 The run

  • Aqua Louise Pov:
  • I kept on walking making sure not to turn my back not wanting to see anything that will remind me of the pack that caused me so much pain. I was walking when suddenly the cloud started making funny sounds, lightning started to strike and it dawned on me it's night already. I was walking on a lonely alley with no destination of where to spend my night my shoulder dropped in disappointment as the sound increased.
  • I looked up and immediately a heavy thunder struck making me bend down immediately and coiled myself in a bun, a tear slipped from my eyes and I wept but then..weeping can't get me a place to lay my head in other to continue my journey tomorrow, I need to be strong for myself, I pat my chest and stood up deciding to run out of this lonely alley first. I stood up and looked back and front with no sight of anybody just met silence except the sound coming from the weather.
  • I took a deep breath holding onto my bag tightly, I took up the race and started running not looking back with only one thought. I need to live in this lonely alley. I wouldn't want Rogues to see me or else I will turn to a meet for the night. I kept on running for how much my legs could carry me. I didn't care, I just knew I wanted to live this damn place.
  • I was still running and when I looked at my environment it was safer. It was no longer that dark and lonely alley. I stopped on my track and sighed my breath heavily, I kept panting trying to stabilize my breath to normal. I stood there for a long time and when I'm sure I was okay I started walking but then..something caught my attention, it was an uncompleted building.
  • A building that is still under construction. I was afraid to walk there but then I had no choice, I had no place to lay my head for the night so I had to make do with what I had, with shaky legs I walked towards the building praying I didn't meet some rugs or some ill-mannered wolves. I stood before the building but everywhere was silent showing the building was empty. I sighed in relief and walk-in gracefully since it had no doors, it's dark, and I couldn't see much. There were so many rooms here but suddenly I felt uncomfortable sleeping in the closed ones.
  • "Scarlet, where should we sleep!" I ask my wolf who has been weeping silently in my head since our mate rejected us. She has been so excited about us finding our mate only to discover our mate does not want us too.
  • "The past should remain the past I need to move, we need to move scar," I said
  • "Okay, let's sleep at the extreme" She replied and I nodded. At least she talked to me. I held onto my bag as we matched towards the extreme, deciding to take second to the last room. I entered and found it empty. I smiled and looked around the whole place to see if some people stayed here but the room was okay.
  • I sighed in relief and dropped my bag on the floor. I brought out my bed sheet which I took along and folded it in two, I spread it on the floor and spread another. I brought out my big jacket and wore it to myself. I smile and look satisfied after everything. I laid down and covered myself with another sheet, I cling my bag tightly to myself and continue to look around letting my eyes do the looking since it has nothing else to do.
  • I was still in that when suddenly I started hearing noise and footsteps, I could hear the deep voice of males laughing. I closed my eyes not knowing what to do but definitely, I can't run since the room I'm in has no window and I had no place to run to
  • I coiled myself in a bun praying that one's fate would be nice to me. I closed my mouth and continued laying down. I started to hear close footsteps, my heart was thumping ten times double, my body was visibly shaking but I needed to be strong. I've been through so much in one day.
  • The close footsteps suddenly stopped, I strained my ear to see if it really stopped and yes it stopped. I only heard faint meaning it had already faded away. I sighed and closed my eyes, deciding to go to sleep and avoid hearing another footstep. I forced myself to feel sleepy and soon I felt my eyelids getting heavier and heavier, and then I fell asleep.
  • I don't know for how long I slept but I bet I slept through the whole night because when I woke up it was morning as the sun was shining at its peak. I smiled as a yawn left my lips. I stood up quietly as the footstep event folded my mind. I'm not on heels already as I wore one of my sneakers while running yesterday. I folded my bed sheets and put them into my bag.
  • I carried my bag as I flung it on my shoulder, I peeked to see if I would see anybody but the hall was empty. I sighed in relief but not to let my guards down, I started walking out but I was fast. My footsteps were quiet. My aim is just to walk out of this house that sheltered me for the night. At least I appreciate it for that. Because yesterday I was devastated but then when you have no hope and suddenly have a place to lay your head for the night you will know that the world ain't a bed of roses after all.
  • I was still walking doing my best to get out quietly and unnoticed, but just like fate has started it again I started hearing footsteps from different corners of the house, but I was bold and determine to get out from her, for a girl like me who has been through a lot I have to be strong for myself.
  • "Hey stop there little bunny" I heard that nasty voice, knowing that if I stop then I might not make it out alive, I don't know if they are rugs or human thugs.
  • "What do we do, Scar?"
  • "Run……….." She whispered into my head, I sensed one was close to me and many more of them. I was five-three paces away from the hall.
  • "It's now or never," I said to myself, I stopped making them think I stopped as I heard them stop too.
  • "1...2...3.." I count and then, "Vammm…" I took off like a flash using all my straight, I ran out but several footsteps were behind me running towards me.
  • "Get her……." They screamed.