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Chapter 8 History Of The Wolves

  • The full wolf moon is making its way down to the earth. A perfect week for the werewolves to throw a big party to welcome the wolf moon. The full wolf moon ceremony was meant to be a celebratory time and stirring up energy in all the werewolves system. The festival runs for four days and on the last day all wolves come together for the moon ritual, howling into the moon praying to the moon goddess to replenish their kind.
  • Wolves are related to the moon for centuries, going right back to the Stone Age. This is the first time Meagan is attending the full moon celebration although she had been to the pack one or two times in the past.
  • She remembered sneaking out at home on a holiday when her family traveled out of town which she made an excuse of studying for a quiz so she could stay back at home alone. Meagan never dared to tell her mom she was visiting a wolf pack. Mrs Taylor Swift doesn’t like werewolves. Why? At first it was for no reason as she claimed but later on Meagan got to know that her mom once dated a wolf who broke her heart and she has vowed never to like wolves.
  • Meagan love the wolves, their styles of living enticed her and she got to know more about the species from Hazel. She could never hate them because of her best friend.
  • Werewolves are special creatures. They hold their heads up towards the sky so their howl can carry on to longer distances. If there are no trees around, a wolf howl can carry on to ten miles. The wolves has been an incredible species in the history of the supernaturals. No other creatures has been very questionable as the wolves and one thing stayed steady through out the centuries, howling at the moon.
  • Howling at the full wolf moon day is an opportunity for the wolves to celebrate in the wild. Sometimes their howling is a means of communication between their kind. There is also a mystical connection between wolf and moon. Werewolves are glorious and magnificent icons in the history of the supernaturals.
  • Julius, Carl and Hazel had a discussion about the wedding date and the couple agreed to Carl’s suggestion of having the wedding a day before the full moon day.
  • The Halloween night was part of the program of the moon celebration, always held in the pack ballroom on a Thursday evening before the planned full wolf moon celebration on Sunday night. The wedding that was meant to be a small one was turning into a big party simply because of the moon celebration. Neighboring friends of moon stone pack who enjoy celebrating the moon festivals at the pack were present. Some packs had also joined this year to witness the celebration.
  • Julius, the Beta of moon stone pack is the most famous among all Betas. He always step in to help the alpha. On many occasions, Julius had represented the alpha at meetings with other alpha. And one of the reasons that contributed to his fame is the fact that he became a Beta at the age of eighteen. He has been a Beta even before Carl became the alpha of moon stone pack. The old Beta had fallen sick and he met his death at an early age which made Julius the next in line as a Beta. And Julius became the youngest werewolf to be a Beta in the history of the wolves.
  • Many Betas has turned up to support Julius. Members of the wealthy class, politicians, friends from college who Julius had kept in touch with were also present.
  • Some of Hazel’s classmates from medical school, she knew the ones who had proved to be useful throughout the years, they also settled in for her wedding and also to witness the moon celebration.
  • Hazel and Julius are a perfect match. Meagan thought. They are nice werewolves, cheerful which makes people naturally drawn to them. They both have an extroverted personality. Although Hazel has always been the impatient and hard hearted wolf which has made her have issues with her past boyfriends. But only Julius had been able to tame her nature. He knows how to handle her always in a passionate way.
  • And Meagan was so happy that her best friend has finally found her better half. A dream come true for Hazel.
  • The Halloween party was the kick off to a long days of planned events. It was a good time to have fun and get to meet new people. Halloween party is like a celebration to honor long gone icons in the supernatural world especially in the history of wolves.
  • And Hazel had been thrilled by Carl’s suggestion to have the wedding the same week as the moon celebration. And to Julius, he wanted something small but he soon realized that it is a great opportunity to have wealthy people invest in the local businesses of the pack members.