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Al- Makki The Prince Of The Desert

Al- Makki The Prince Of The Desert

Anne Vaz

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Carolina Al-makki

  • Carolina Al-Makki
  • I never thought that raising Mahjub with this mix of cultures would be easy. I, a Brazilian woman married to two men, one of whom gave up his place as the heir of the sheikh in Sudan to stay by my side.
  • Raising our son, with one foot here in Sudan while also managing all my duties with the "First" and alongside Bruno, was a bit challenging in the first few months, but we always had a lot of help to make everything work out.
  • But this phase that Mahjub is going through is driving me crazy and making me wish I could go back to the years when I tortured men to get what I wanted. As I'm here helping my mother-in-law prepare dinner to welcome Alessa and Mattia's family, my thoughts are on my son, who has decided to give us trouble.
  • “He’s here, my Goddess...” I turn towards Bruno as he enters the kitchen.
  • He approaches me slowly, and from his expression, I know that both of them are taking our son’s side. I wipe my hands on the apron I’m wearing, watching closely as my first husband approaches our mother-in-law.
  • “Hello, al'umu...” She smiles and leans in to receive his kiss.
  • “Tell me they corrected him!” I exclaimed irritably.
  • “Carol, he’s young. You know he’s doing this to make us cancel the engagement,” Bruno tries to justify.
  • I close my eyes in irritation and lean against the counter, feeling their eyes on me. I know they're worried about how I'm starting to get furious with Mahjub's behavior.
  • But it's time for him to grow up and understand that his life can be good and happy if he stops doing these foolish things. I leave the kitchen and head towards the office, where he must be with Hassan and Salim.
  • If these three men can't handle a twenty-two-year-old boy, you can be sure I'll do it for them. I enter the office and see him sitting casually with a smile on his face.
  • I feel my face heat up with irritation at this, and I think Hassan notices my intention and approaches to try to restrain me, but to his misfortune, I still have quite a bit of flexibility and escape his grasp. I manage to take off my shoe and approach my reckless son.
  • "How... dare... you... sleep... out... of the house." With each pause, I hit him with my sandal.
  • I hear Salim laughing at my actions, and Hassan, trying to hold me back, ends up receiving a few blows as well. I watch my son cower on the couch, trying to protect himself from my attacks, but without much success.
  • “Mother, al'umu... please, stop this...” he says, already on the floor.
  • “Stop this?” I say, raising my voice. “Imagine my shame if you're photographed, Mahjub...”
  • I step back and let my sandal fall to the floor, so I can put it back on. I look at Hassan, very irritated, and point my finger at him.
  • “Handle this, you won't like what I’ll do if he continues with this attitude. I gave my word to Alessa, and I have never failed her.” I say and look at my son still on the floor with a certain disappointment.
  • I walk towards the small mosque that Salim had built here in the new house. The fact that this marriage arrangement exists made my father-in-law provide everything for the two of them to meet and fall in love while they're young. I regret not bringing them together from childhood and letting them grow up together, as Laís is doing with my grandchildren.
  • Since our whole family is here, the house is quite hectic, and I just want a moment of peace.
  • “Did I make a mistake in giving my word to Alessa?”
  • This thought has been bothering me ever since I found out that my son, the sheikh’s heir, hadn’t slept at home and had gone to one of my son-in-law's nightclubs here in the capital.
  • “Arranging my marriage with Henrique when I was less than fifteen was easier, wasn’t it?” I turn to my daughter, who enters the small mosque.
  • She removes her shoes and adjusts her hijab as a sign of respect.
  • “They’re different things, but it was still much easier with you.” I can't help but laugh.
  • “Mother?” She calls to me as she sits next to me and embraces me warmly. “They’re young, and you knew my brother would be difficult about this.”
  • “I was sure he would start to see Hope’s beauty. She’s wonderful, so much like you.” I see her burst into laughter.
  • “When I was still a sweet girl, afraid to be who I was born to be?” I smile and nod.
  • “I’m going to break the engagement. It’s obvious it was a mistake,” I say, upset.
  • I feel Laís rest her head on my shoulder and sigh near my ear. With the decision made, I’m sure Salim won’t object, since he greatly values his friendship with the de Lucas.
  • We can find another woman to be my son’s wife…
  • I just need to talk to Hope’s parents, which will probably be the hardest thing I’ve done since announcing to the world that I’m married to two men.