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Chapter 60 She Is Not The Culprit

  • “Mr. Lopez, I know that they are your friends. However, if you don't call them over, how are you going to investigate the whole matter? Anyway, we only need to confront the woman. This has nothing to do with her partner.”
  • Josh's lips twitched as he gave his suggestion. He could sense that Michael was no ordinary man as well.
  • “I'm not leaving until I find my earrings today. I'll lodge a police report if you refuse to call them over. She's the culprit, I'm sure of it! I want her to rot in jail!”
  • Caleb's frown deepened into a scowl as he replied wearily, “Fine, let me try to ask them.”
  • Lodge a police report? This is really crazy! I won't dare to imagine the consequence if she really does that!
  • Caleb could not resist giving both Josh and Katie a sympathetic glance. Even though he wasn't sure how much Michael spoiled his woman, he thought it would be best for him to avoid doing anything that will infuriate Michael.
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