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Chapter 268 Suggestive Sleeping Posture

  • By the time he came out, Charlotte was already fast asleep.
  • As Michael gazed at her sleeping profile, he felt slightly at a loss.
  • She was putting up such a fight just moments ago but had the audacity to fall asleep? She's even drooling!
  • He studied her serene face and the way her petite body sank into the large bed as she slept. Upon closer inspection, he noticed the fine, almost unnoticeable hair above her lips fluttering along with her shallow breathing, making her look as adorable as a kitten.
  • This scene tugged at his heartstrings.
  • Michael gently pulled out the blanket that was tucked around her body, then cautiously lay underneath it. Just then, Charlotte turned on her side, draping her hand and foot on top of his body as though hugging a bolster. She even wiggled about to find a comfortable position before continuing to sleep.
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