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Chapter 245 Just Because She Is Your Wife

  • Michael began to type out the answers to the series of questions sent by Charlotte.
  • A continuous stream of taps echoed in the silent room as his slender fingers hovered over the keyboard. A few minutes later, his phone buzzed with an incoming call. He shot a side glance at the caller ID, casually swiped a finger across the screen, and turned his eyes back to the monitor.
  • “Hello?”
  • “When do we get to hang out? I can't even remember when we last met! You should know that I miss you.” Caleb's gloating chuckle rang from the other side.
  • Michael's lips curved down in annoyance. With his eyes fixated on his assignment, he continued typing while replying coldly, “Trying to get me to pay your bills?”
  • “Come on, do you really think I'm that kind of person? You should know better!”
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