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Chapter 241 Beating Around The Bush

  • After Wendy walked out of the ward, she was about to go for a walk, but she got curious when she saw Aiden rushing out of the isolated ward with a stack of documents.
  • She couldn't hold back her curiosity anymore because the man had walked out of a heavily guarded place.
  • Immediately, she went after him. Her eyes gleamed when saw him boarding a luxurious vehicle.
  • He's either a rich man or working for a rich man! Judging by the fact he has a stack of documents with him, I think he's someone else's subordinate!
  • What's with the lavish-looking car? Does that mean some big shots are here?
  • Smiling, she stopped a nurse and asked, “Hi! May I know who's that man? I have picked up his belongings, but he has departed before I have the chance to return it to him.”
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