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Chapter 219 Borrowing Books With His Card

  • Harold was carrying a bag on his back while holding a book in his hand. Charlotte noticed he might want to borrow a book, so she smiled and nodded in agreement.
  • The two of them exited the reading room. It had been a while since the woman had come to the library, so she looked around with interest.
  • Harold looked at her adorable actions and felt like laughing. “Have you not been here for a while?”
  • “Huh? Oh!” Realizing Harold had seen through her, she felt embarrassed and changed her posture of holding the book. “I don't really like to read books, so I seldom come here.”
  • “Let me help you with it.” Charlotte was struggling with the books, so Harold reached out and offered to help.
  • “No need...” Before the woman could reject his offer, the books in her arms were taken away by the man.
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