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Chapter 214 The Flu Infection

  • “Hmm,” Michael replied with a tight voice as he tried to suppress his laughter.
  • “So, are you in the hospital or at home?” Charlotte did not notice the change of tone and still sounded a little worried.
  • “I'm at home. My grandma had diarrhea and was running a fever after dinner. But we got a doctor to check on her. She's doing fine now,” Michael finally decided to explain the situation so Charlotte would stop worrying. It was not a secret worth keeping anyway.
  • “Oh, that's good to hear.” She soon arrived at another awkward juncture.
  • It is quite worrying when it comes to elders falling sick. But he did say that she's doing okay so far, so why did he complain he couldn't sleep? Is he still worried that her condition may deteriorate?
  • As though knowing what was on her mind, Michael decided to just cut to the chase. “I'm missing you. That's why I can't sleep. So, what should I do?”
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