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Chapter 10 Exposed

  • Sophia felt her heart race as she stood in front of the huge house, observing the details. She had never been there before. She was a very observant woman, always looking for details. It wasn't her intention to spend the night there, in a bed where others might have slept, but unexpectedly, Christian invited her.
  • Sophia could have declined, but there she was, taking in the house while he was doing who knows what. She asked her assistant to bring her comfortable clothes to spend the night. Their residences weren't neighboring, but it took less than 20 minutes to get there.
  • After a shower, during which she thought multiple times about being with him, she put on a huge cream-colored crochet sweater that exposed one of her shoulders and reached her thighs. She was wearing almost nothing underneath. She walked through the enormous living room with its immense glass wall, offering a view of a beautiful garden, and through the simple corridors where shades of moss green and a somewhat brownish-gray melded together, adorned with various decorative objects. Then she passed through the dining room and the open kitchen. Soph liked this modern style.
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