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A Dangerous Tango

A Dangerous Tango

Mona Hayward

Last update: 2023-08-12

Chapter 1 I Saw Daddy

  • Patricia Aniston drifted off to sleep at home. She found herself immersed in a vivid dream. In the dream, there was a mysterious man. His features were shrouded in a veil of obscurity. However, he exuded an undeniable aura of vitality and vigor.
  • Throughout the night, her knees were pressed against his chest. A sheen of perspiration adorned his jawline, igniting a scorching sensation that enveloped her entire being.
  • In the end, she couldn't even remember how many times they did it.
  • At dawn, she slowly opened her eyes and found herself lying in a luxurious hotel bed. Her gaze fell upon the crumpled sheets beneath her, and a wave of shock washed over her as she realized that the events of the previous night were not a figment of her imagination but a tangible reality.
  • She lowered her gaze and discovered an exquisite diamond ring adorning the ring finger of her right hand. It was evident that the mysterious man from the previous night had placed the ring on her finger.
  • She stood up and scanned the room with growing unease, but it was empty, devoid of any trace of the man who had shared an intimate night with her.
  • In the end, she made a hasty decision to leave the scene and return home, carrying the weight of the secret deep within her heart.
  • Three months later, she discovered that she was pregnant. The news became a topic of gossip, making Patricia and the entire Aniston family the subject of scorn and embarrassment.
  • The Anistons were understandably livid. Hendrick Aniston, Patricia's grandfather, confronted her with anger, demanding, “Who is the man responsible for impregnating you?”
  • Patricia shook her head and burst into tears. “I have no idea...”
  • Hendrick was distressed. “Do you genuinely not know who it was, or are you intentionally refusing to reveal the identity of the man?”
  • That night, Patricia was confined to her room, deprived of food, and only given water.
  • On the third night, Patricia's stepsister, Adeline Aniston, rushed into her room with a worried expression. “Patricia, you need to come with me. I overheard Grandpa saying that if you refuse to spill the truth, he will force you to marry the bald Mr. Chalker!”
  • Patricia could barely hide her shock. “What? But Grandpa adores me the most...”
  • “Patricia, believe me. I would never lie to you,” Adeline said, holding Patricia's hand with sincerity etched on her face. “Grandpa may have a deep affection for you, but the reputation of the Aniston family is at stake here! Your actions have brought him great shame!”
  • Patricia felt a stab of pain in her chest. Yes, I have let Grandpa down. I am a member of the Aniston family, and Grandpa has always held me in high regard. How could I have done such a thing? I had sex with a stranger, and now I'm pregnant. My actions have brought disgrace to the Aniston family in Appleby. But I honestly thought it was just a dream! I don't know who set me up...
  • The urgency in Adeline's voice was palpable as she said, “Patricia, time is running out. We need to act quickly. If we leave now, we might just make it. Grandpa loves you so much, so it's best for you to leave and lie low for now. Once he calms down, everything will fall into place again.”
  • Tears welled up in Patricia's eyes, and she finally nodded. “Okay.”
  • Adeline may be my stepsister, but unlike her wicked mother, she has always been nice to me. Thank goodness she is willing to help me.
  • In a daze, Patricia followed Adeline out of the house.
  • After getting into the car, she watched the Aniston Residence fade into the distance as tears streamed down her cheeks.
  • I'm sorry, Grandpa.
  • As the vehicle drove out from the bustling city, Patricia's exhaustion overwhelmed her, and she eventually fell asleep.
  • The following morning, the abrupt shock of cold water splashing across Patricia's face jolted her awake.
  • “Who are you?” She looked at the man in front of her in fear. “Where is my sister? What did you do to her?”
  • A sinister smile crept across the man's face, sending shivers down her spine, and the words that escaped his lips intensified her fear, freezing her in place.
  • “That pretty young lady is your sister? Well, she sold you to me.”
  • Patricia refused to believe him. “That's impossible!”
  • “Why is it impossible? I paid a hefty sum of ten thousand to have you. We're deep in the treacherous mountains, surrounded by snakes, rats, birds, and wild beasts. You better stay put, or you'll die a horrible death. We'll get married in three days' time.”
  • Patricia's heart sank into the depths of despair.
  • She curled into a ball and pressed herself against the wall, her eyes vacant.
  • Back at the Aniston residence, Adeline and her mother, Gwen Hough, were toasting their triumph, reveling in the satisfaction of their accomplishment. “We finally got rid of Patricia, and I no longer have to pretend to suck up to her. I can't believe Grandpa planned on sending her overseas to continue her studies to lie low. He is so biased!”
  • “That doesn't matter. From today onward, that old b*stard won't get to see Patricia ever again,” Gwen announced smugly as she took a sip of her wine. “You'll be the only daughter of the Aniston family.”
  • Six years later, a tall and gorgeous lady made her way out of Appleby Airport with her luggage. By her side were three adorable children whose presence captivated the attention of the onlookers around them.
  • Among the children, there were two boys who bore a striking resemblance to each other, their handsome features reminiscent of characters from a comic book.
  • The little girl, on the other hand, was a vision of cuteness with her hair styled in two playful pigtails. She was dressed in a vibrant yellow dress, holding her beloved Barbie doll in her hands.
  • Some onlookers couldn't help but take photos of them sneakily as they whispered among themselves.
  • “Are they celebrities? Look how attractive they are!”
  • “I've never seen such an attractive family.”
  • “Yes! Their mother is gorgeous, too!”
  • Suddenly, a group of men dressed in black emerged from the VIP exit some distance away. All eyes were drawn to the figure at the forefront of the group.
  • The tall man, dressed in a sleek black trench coat, possessed a remarkably handsome face. His icy demeanor deterred anyone from approaching him.
  • The crowd's attention quickly shifted to this enigmatic man. Among the onlookers, the adorable little girl caught wind of their whispers and turned her gaze toward him.
  • “Daddy!”
  • This handsome man looks exactly like my brothers. He must be Daddy, whom I've never met.
  • Her eyes widened as she ran toward him excitedly.
  • “Scott, Stellan, wait for me at the entrance. I'll go find Sylvie,” Patricia swiftly instructed her sons before running after her daughter.
  • At the gate, Patricia finally caught up with her daughter and grabbed her hand.
  • “Sylvie Aniston, where do you think you're going? Aren't you afraid of being taken away by bad guys?”
  • The little girl had always been cheeky and mischievous, causing them a lot of worry. If she went missing, they would surely be overwhelmed with anxiety.
  • “Ah! Mommy, let me go! I saw Daddy. He looks exactly like Scott and Stellan! I want to go to Daddy!” the girl yelled anxiously.
  • Her gaze was fixed on the back of the handsome man. She was afraid she would lose sight of him.
  • Patricia looked in the direction she was pointing. Is it really him? I'd like to ask him what happened back then.
  • When Patricia caught sight of the man, she froze in surprise. He does look like the boys!