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Chapter 95 You Are Dirty

  • She was in this very predicament because of what Yara did to her five years ago.
  • According to her understanding of Yara, she definitely had a great possibility of getting married into the Bowers family. Otherwise, she wouldn't have had not a single scandal or dating rumor over the years. There was also the fact that Yara took the initiative to find her and urge her to leave Samuel to take into account.
  • Yara could do all of that because Samuel gave her the confidence to do so.
  • “Hates women”? Samuel just kissed me until my lips turned red and swollen. How could this guy possibly hate women?
  • “Why should I seek for someone else when I have you right here with me?” Samuel's eyes flashed with excitement. “Since you already started teasing me, you should take responsibility.”
  • As he stared at the lovely lady in his arms, he finally understood why people always said that beautiful women were a man's best weak spot.
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