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Chapter 89 A Reason To Search For Her

  • With Hans' expectant and encouraging gaze on her, Natalie was treated like a VIP and led into the CEO's office.
  • The remaining people watched Natalie's back as she walked away, shock written all over their faces.
  • What does that woman have for the CEO of Crown Entertainment to treat her so importantly?
  • Once they were in the CEO's office, Hans invited Natalie to sit on the couch. Without bothering his assistant, he quickly poured her a drink.
  • For a moment, the hot water misted and the fragrance of tea wafted in the air.
  • “Yana's health was bad ever since she was a child. It was especially tough after she gave birth to Zoe. The doctor even told us that it would be difficult for her to live past her thirties.” Hans looked at Natalie, his face set in a solemn expression. “You have excellent medical knowledge and are perhaps my last hope. I would like to ask for your help to heal Yana.
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