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Chapter 84 Watch Out Or I Will Ruin Everything

  • As Natasha scanned over the freckles on Natalie's face, she just couldn't control the anger boiling up within her.
  • Shawn was someone with a reputation so much better than Natasha's own boyfriend, Yonah. Why is this ugly girl tarnishing his reputation?
  • However, Effie seemed angrier than Natalie. She was naturally hot-tempered, and the situation had sparked that anger in her.
  • “Is that how you're supposed to speak to others?”
  • “Am I wrong?” Natasha taunted. “People use concealer in small amounts to cover imperfections, but this girl caked her entire face in it! Also, I was talking about her, not you. Why are you even yelling at me?”
  • Effie came from a reputable family, and she had her ways to deal with people who used dirty tricks. However, she was far from being an expert when faced with someone so openly rude.
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