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Chapter 77 How Dare You Touch Her

  • The rays of the sun shone brightly on Samuel, and after he held back his cold demeanor, all that was left was his appealing looks.
  • He was the first and last man that Natalie deemed good-looking. Even though he was always in hot pursuit, Natalie's heart fluttered from time to time when she thought about his relentlessness.
  • “Daddy, what are you talking to Natalie about?” Franklin scrunched up his brows while asking. It sounded as if he was jealous since he deemed Natalie his chosen one.
  • Why are they leaning so close together? Don't tell me Daddy wants to take her away from me? Is he not aware that he's almost thirty? What? Does he think he can compete with someone as young as me?
  • Samuel just looked at Franklin, and the corner of his lips curled before he replied, “You can ask her.”
  • Natalie was stunned to hear that, and she was now trying her very best to construct a sentence to reply to Franklin.
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