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Chapter 731 Far From Being Fully Satisfied

  • Natalie wanted to escape, but his kisses were so urgent and passionate that she had no way of avoiding them. There was a brief moment when they broke away, giving her the chance to escape. However, he was only giving her a moment to catch her breath. It was not long before he continued kissing her, robbing her of her breath again.
  • That night, there was no rest for either of them.
  • By the end of it, she was exhausted and felt like she was in a daze. We did it more than twice, but he doesn't seem the least bit tired! On the contrary, he seems to be getting more and more addicted to it!
  • Meanwhile, Samuel was oblivious to the thoughts running through Natalie's mind as he gently stroked her black hair. In truth, his thoughts were the complete opposite of hers. He was far from being fully satisfied!
  • It seems as if my desire for her is only growing by the day. I feel like I'm losing control when I'm in this state, yet the feeling is utterly addictive. It makes me want to love her even more. What should I do?
  • He had never felt that way with any other woman, and the woman who made him go crazy for her was not able to keep up physically. In the end, he could only sigh as he hugged Natalie close to him, reining in the insatiable desire within him and forcing himself to calm down.
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