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Chapter 730 Taking The Lead

  • Samuel lowered his head and ate quietly as they sat around the dining table. Meanwhile, the four children kept coming up with different topics to chat about with Natalie.
  • Although he did not say a word, his eyes were fixed on her face.
  • Several strands of her soft bangs fell forward and brushed lightly against her cheek as she listened earnestly to the children's banter. Whenever they said something funny, she would laugh along with them, and her almond-shaped eyes would curve into two crescents.
  • He felt a genuine sense of peace and contentment as he gazed at the scene before him.
  • When Natalie turned toward Samuel and realized he had been looking at her the whole time, she felt somewhat self-conscious. “I... Why do you keep staring at me? You should eat.”
  • “Okay,” he murmured, not revealing that he thought she was a feast for the eyes.
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