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Chapter 73 This Woman Dared Hit Me

  • Natalie looked at Samuel with her tear-stained eyes.
  • She didn't even have the opportunity to wipe her tears away before they started rolling down from her cheeks, and one thing Natalie disliked was for others to see the weak side of her, especially if that person was Samuel.
  • “It's none of your business,” she said, giving him a cold glance in the process before she flung his hand away.
  • Natalie basically ran out from the kindergarten.
  • In all these years, she had tried her best to forget and let go of all the pain that antagonized her, but she couldn't help but relive those painful memories when she saw Sophia, who was the same age as her twins.
  • “Are you all right?” A woman in white, Molly Larkins, walked to Natalie's side and gave her tissues, causing Natalie to turn her head.
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