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Chapter 729 Inherited From Daddy

  • Natalie's eyes were still half-mast from having just woken from a deep sleep, and her sweet, gentle voice was tickling Samuel's ear.
  • Instead of answering Natalie, he repeated his question, “I asked how your nap was?”
  • “Comfortable.” Natalie nodded as she responded unguardedly.
  • “My shoulder is numb from acting as a pillow for you, so you better perform well in bed tonight until I'm satisfied.” He turned to her, staring into her eyes with a burning gaze.
  • Natalie just wanted to offer to massage his shoulder earlier, but he took it the wrong way, and the entire conversation had swerved to PG 18.
  • Lifting her eyes to meet his dark ones, she could read the depth of his longing for her. That infatuation was on the borderline of paranoia and unhealthy obsession.
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