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Chapter 723 The Tables Have Turned 2

  • At that moment, the color drained from Thomas' and Saunder's faces. As both men sat among the panel, they started breaking out in cold sweats.
  • “Erm...”
  • The Medical Association was supposed to represent all the pharmaceutical companies within the industry. Yet, the head of the association was now in cahoots with the leading pharmaceutical company, and the former was using his influence to gain personal benefits. How scandalous!
  • Right then, Thomas and Saunder exchanged meaningful glances. Both of them desperately wanted to know who leaked the recording.
  • Even Yara was confused by the turn of events. She knitted her brows and stared at Thomas. How could this happen when the press conference is about to end?
  • “Please explain yourself, Mr. Todd,” the journalists urged.
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