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Chapter 721 Here To See Dexmed Pharmaceutical Lose

  • By then, Yara was all too aware that Samuel had no feelings for her.
  • If Natalie is still alive in this world, he'll never spare me a single glance. Even though he's here now, I'm sure he only came because of her!
  • “He's naturally here for Dream's sake,” she muttered, seemingly answering Thomas, yet it was as though she was also reminding herself of it.
  • “Oh, well!”
  • At once, Thomas wore an utterly conflicted expression. On the one hand, he was afraid that Samuel would intervene during the press conference, but on the other, he found it a pity that the man had no affection for Yara. Otherwise, he would have free rein over the influence of the Bowers family. Consequently, the scale and accomplishments of Dexmed Pharmaceutical would reach new heights.
  • “There's no need to be nervous, Dad. So what if he's here? This matter can't be suppressed even if he intervenes. After all, it involves multiple lives. Not only did Dream fail to provide an explanation, but they didn't even apologize. No matter how much power he has, he can't run roughshod over the entire Dellmoor,” Yara scoffed.
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