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Chapter 719 Intention

  • Yara was shocked, for she thought that Samuel knew who gave birth to Franklin and Sophia at about the same time as Kenneth.
  • When Yara wanted to touch Samuel, he rudely flung her hand away. “I also know what you did to Nat. However, I didn't do anything to you because of Grandpa. Whether you were sincere or not, you did take care of Grandpa very well. However, I'm not interested in you at all!”
  • Yara always thought she had lowered her dignity too much because of loving Samuel. Nonetheless, she felt a lump in her throat upon listening to Samuel's cruel remark.
  • “Would you take a look at me in the past five years if Grandpa didn't like me?” Yara couldn't help but ask Samuel even though she roughly knew the answer.
  • “No,” Samuel said while casting a sideways glance at Yara.
  • Then, Samuel warned Yara, “Don't harm Nat. Also, don't let me catch you in action.”
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