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Chapter 713 Nauseating Words

  • “Of course, how can I not care about you?” Yeva replied coquettishly. Then, she continued lying. “You are my beloved and the father of my baby. Thus, I will always care about you! I asked you to come here today to give you this surprise!”
  • Thomas suddenly realized that he was being too harsh just now. Therefore, he hugged and coaxed her, “I was wrong just now... I shouldn't have misunderstood your good intention and scolded you.”
  • “Dear, don't worry about it.” Yeva looked pitiful with tears in her eyes. “As long as you are happy, it doesn't matter that I suffer through pregnancy. All I care about is your happiness.”
  • Yeva had said that deliberately. As expected, Thomas fell for her trap. “How can I let you suffer? We can't let anything bad happen to our son. I will send you more money tomorrow, so you can focus on resting. You are bearing my precious child, so we must be careful.”
  • Hearing that Thomas would give her money brought a bright smile to Yeva's face. “Okay, thank you, Dear.”
  • Then, both of them kissed.
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