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Chapter 710 Follow Me Now

  • After a few days, Dream Corporation's special medicine remained on the market with high sales. However, many argue that it was useless.
  • The ghostwriters even went against patients who bought the medicine, criticizing them for risking their lives to save money. Meanwhile, family members of those who died from the medicine formed a support group. They persistently sought hefty compensation for the deceased's family members and demanded that Dream issue a public apology.
  • At this moment, Yara was reading a document and smiling smugly. “It seems they won't give up yet! They still dared to let that medicine circulate on the market. Aren't they dooming themselves?”
  • Thomas crossed his legs and said, “This is good news for Dexmed Pharmaceutical! Dream Corporation has ruined its reputation, and its stock index has been red for a few days. Since reputation is vital for a pharmaceutical business, Dream Corporation can never hope to recover this time!”
  • Then, Thomas suddenly recalled something and sighed. “Oh, Natalie... It is such a pity...”
  • Yara immediately turned around and glared at Thomas. “Hah, don't tell me you haven't given up on her yet? Do you still think she is of use to you? She killed Old Mr. Bowers and is now the center of controversies. It won't be too long before people throw her onto the streets. Why are you still concerned about her?”
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