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Chapter 706 No Sign Of Life

  • “Right, Jefford?” Yara shot Jefford a glance.
  • “Yes, Ms. Yara,” the latter piped up, nodding at her faithfully.
  • “How could you...” Kenneth was speechless with sheer disbelief in his eyes. It never came across his mind that Yara would have bribed his butler.
  • She caught a glimpse of Kenneth's bowl of medicine that seemed untouched and instructed Jefford, “Jefford, Grandpa hasn't taken his medicine today, has he? Anyway, he mustn't skip his medications. Why don't you let him take it now? It might be less effective if he doesn't take it on time.”
  • “Noted, Ms. Yara.” Jefford took the bowl of medicine and advanced toward Kenneth.
  • “Jefford, what on earth are you doing? What's the matter with you?” Kenneth snapped in bafflement.
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