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Chapter 705 Shut Up

  • Kenneth hung up the call upon hearing the footsteps and shifted his gaze toward Yara as she came in.
  • He had a conflicted feeling in his heart as he knew Yara had lied about Franklin and Sophia, but he was grateful for her saving his life and her companionship throughout the past five years.
  • As such, he still tried to care for her as an elder. “Hello, Yara.”
  • Yara placed her handbag down and slowly walked up to him as she asked, “Who were you on the phone with, Grandpa?”
  • “No one of importance. I just thought I'd try and help out someone in need, that's all,” Kenneth replied with a solemn expression.
  • Yara clenched her fists upon hearing that, and a look of hatred flashed past her eyes. “Someone in need? Are you referring to Natalie, perhaps?”
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