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Chapter 698 The Crisis Of Dream

  • Yandel furrowed his brows. “Boss, I told you not to come here. You can call us over the phone if there is anything! Ross and I will take care of the company! We will settle everything!”
  • This was the first time Yandel spoke so rudely to Natalie.
  • Even Ross was stunned as he quickly put his arm around Yandel's shoulders. “Hey, mind your words!”
  • “Does Samuel know you're here?” Yandel shook Ross off him and frowned. “How could he let you come here? Is he out of his mind? We will handle things from here. Get Samuel to fetch you back now!”
  • It had been two days and one night since Yandel had a wink of sleep. Hence, he had bloodshot eyes and dark and heavy eyebags.
  • Even Lia and Ross were placed in a tough spot as the situation gradually spiraled out of hand.
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