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Chapter 696 Face It

  • “Ok, got it.”
  • Natalie was standing right beside Yandel. She heard everything his assistant said.
  • “The drug has been tested many times before the launch. Moreover, we have kept a record of all the written reports.” Yandel's face darkened. “This might have happened by chance. Let's stop circulating the drug for now and wait for the reports of the autopsies. It just might clear our name.”
  • Natalie nodded.
  • “Let's not stop the circulation of these drugs for now.” Natalie gave it some thought and said. “Some patients might be at the peak of their treatment. We might disrupt their treatment if we stop selling these drugs suddenly. There are only very few cases of death for now. Why don't you cooperate with the police and give them whatever they need for the investigation? I trust you, and I trust Ross too.”
  • Yandel nodded. He understood that Natalie was taking a huge risk by doing so. However, they might crush the hope of a patient's family if they cut off the drug supply.
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