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Chapter 686 No Harm Will Befall You

  • Billy was leaning against the wall and smoking, when he saw Samuel carrying Natalie out of the motel. He dashed over to the car and opened the door when they came out.
  • He took a peek at the woman in Samuel's embrace and was astonished. What? Isn't this Yara? I thought he hates her? Why is he carrying her like he cares for her?
  • Samuel put Natalie down in the backseat gently, afraid that she might get injured again.
  • Billy witnessed all this in confusion.
  • “Just pop the questions.”
  • Billy hesitated for a moment, but the pressing curiosity in his mind was too great for him to hold back. “Mr. Bowers, I know I'm not in any place to comment on your private life, but I don't think she's the one you truly love. It is Ms. Natalie you love, Mr. Bowers.”
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