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Chapter 683 I Confused You With Someone Else

  • It turned out that Yara did not return to the Nichols residence after that. Instead, she booked another room for herself.
  • Although Martin was physically incapable of doing any harm to her, what happened to her was still harrowing since he confused her for Natalie and tortured her.
  • The damage she suffered physically was one thing, but the emotional trauma she had to endure was so tormenting that it broke her.
  • Yara kept herself intact all this while, so it went without saying that what did Martin ruined her.
  • After she got into this hotel room, she had been scrubbing herself clean over and over again, hoping that she could rub away the filthiness she felt all over her body.
  • When she finally had had a break and went on the internet, she realized all the news about her was not as disastrous as she imagined.
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