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Chapter 66 Dirty Tricks

  • Shawn's glare was so threatening that the manager felt a shiver down his spine and quickly shifted his gaze away from Natalie.
  • This woman... is not just here to dine with Mr. Watsons. By the looks of it, she might even become Mr. Watsons' future wife!
  • After they took their seats, Natalie drank some water and said, “Actually, you didn't have to stand up for me just now. I'm used to being judged for my appearance.”
  • “How could I not? You're Grandpa's lifesaver. There's no way I'd let anyone hurt you,” said Shawn as he stared intently at Natalie's face.
  • “I'll keep that in mind. If I ever need help from the Watsons family in the future, I'll make sure I go to you and Grandpa,” said Natalie with a smile.
  • As one of the aristocratic families, the Watsons family was not as influential as the Bowers family. However, the family's century-old foundation in every industry was so well established that one should never look down on them.
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