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Chapter 653 Vicious Woman

  • When Clayton brought that up, Franklin, Sophia, and Xavian fell into deep thought.
  • “Previously, Clayton and I had been investigating Mr. Landis' whereabouts. However, his location kept changing. Recently, we found out through the Internet that he appeared at Dellmoor. It's strange that something like this happened just two days after he reached Dellmoor!” analyzed Xavian with a frown.
  • “Why did that warehouse explode for no reason?” asked Franklin. “Listening to what you said, it seems like the explosion was caused by someone instead of being a random occurrence!”
  • “It definitely isn't a random occurrence! I was right there. Mr. Landis probably got injected with something toxic. When I entered the warehouse, his lips had turned purple and he looked like he could not breathe,” said Clayton, feeling his heart ached. “As for the explosion... I think that someone must have done it to destroy the corpse!”
  • Xavian nodded. “Clayton, what you said is highly possible.”
  • “Who would do that?” Sophia suddenly widened her eyes. “The culprit's such a bad person! Should we call the police?”
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