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Chapter 65 You Can Trust Me

  • “Samuel, I hate it when others try to test me,” said Natalie as she became increasingly cautious and alert. “Stop wasting your energy on me. Why don't you spend it on Yara instead?”
  • To Natalie, anyone who helped Yara was her enemy, including Samuel.
  • Natalie tried to pull herself away from Samuel's embrace and away from the shameful position they were in.
  • She was so close to him, with only a layer of clothing in between them. It was difficult for her to ignore the feeling of Samuel's hot temperature on her skin.
  • Samuel whispered when Natalie moved, “Don't move.”
  • His tone made Natalie feel like she had just touched somewhere she should not have, and she stopped moving right away. She was not afraid of Samuel. Instead, she was just not used to being so intimate with someone else.
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