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Chapter 630 How Did You Know

  • While the atmosphere in the hotel room was getting heated and filled with a sensual atmosphere, the Nichols family was in a state of chaos.
  • Thomas had a grim expression on his face while he paced around the living room in frustration, his brows tightly knitted.
  • “All rich families have scandals! Why is it that mine had blown up on the internet? Who on earth did it?” Instead of doing some self-reflection, the man blamed it all on the person who exposed him.
  • “Dad, someone must be targeting you.” Yara pressed her lips together and a cold glint flashed across her eyes. “It's very clear that the other party is spreading rumors to get you and Dexmed Pharmaceutical into trouble so that they could benefit from it.”
  • “But who would do such things?”
  • “Obviously, it would be Dexmed Pharmaceutical's current strongest competitor.” Yara ran her fingers through her wavy long hair and said confidently, “Just think, who would benefit most from the plunge in Dexmed Pharmaceutical's stock prices and the internal conflict among the company's higher-ups? It's no doubt Dream. Perhaps, Dream has more tricks up their sleeve to deal with us.”
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