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Chapter 63 Daddy Was Dead

  • Natalie was indeed staring at Samuel without blinking, but it was still embarrassing to be pointed out by Xavian. She felt so awkward that she hoped the ground would swallow her up.
  • “Don't be silly, Xavian!” Natalie cleared her throat.
  • “I'm not being silly! Mommy, you are adding the steak sauce into the salad! The salad is ruined!” Xavian pouted.
  • Natalie lowered her gaze at the salad in her bowl.
  • Just like what Xavian had said, she was adding the spicy sauce she added to the steak just now into the salad bowl.
  • She knew that Xavian was telling the truth, but there was no way she could bring herself to admit that she was indeed staring at Samuel.
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