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Chapter 608 Not Deserving Of Sympathy

  • Yandel clenched his fists in silence.
  • After a long while, he gradually looked up and remarked, “So what if we see each other? It's as good as we don't. She's someone beyond my reach.”
  • Natalie didn't know how to judge who was right. She only knew that Yandel had raised Amelia till she was sixteen when the girl's family came knocking. From then on, he drew a line between both of them.
  • Even though Amelia had repeatedly asked Yandel about the reason, he was adamant in refusing to tell her.
  • After some time, he left everything he had in Loang and worked with Natalie to establish Dream.
  • Over the last three years, Natalie worked behind the scenes while he was the face of the company. Although he seemed to appear lackadaisical at work, he was actually numbing himself with a high-intensity schedule.
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