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Chapter 605 Insist On Waiting For Him

  • Dressed in tattered clothes, all of them had their hands and legs cuffed.
  • Cayden Yeager, Thomas's assistant, updated him, “There are twelve test subjects in this batch, and they are all vagrants. No one will ever notice their disappearance.”
  • After flipping through a few pages of the reports from Cayden, he instructed, “Proceed to kick start with the experiment. Divide them into three groups, then record the dosage of their injections and their body reactions daily. I want a reliable test result of YF-28 as soon as possible.”
  • “Noted, Mr. Nichols,” Cayden replied respectfully and relayed his message to the researchers in the lab.
  • When Thomas walked past the cage, all the vagrants fastened their gazes on him. Nonetheless, his emotion was not the slightest bit swayed by the indescribable fury, fear, and uneasiness in their eyes.
  • Devoid of expression, he scrutinized the so-called test subjects in the cage as though they were merely rats captured for the experiment.
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