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Chapter 583 Annoying Poltergeist

  • Being a cleaner at a funeral home meant that the work was simpler, and the pay was slightly better. The only downside was that the working environment was eerie.
  • Harper could tell that Natalie wasn't going to butter anyone up, so the former wanted to teach the latter a lesson.
  • Hah, I hope she gets scared out of her mind. Only then will she learn to obey and let me boss her around.
  • Harper was waiting for Natalie to admit defeat, but the latter simply nodded without hesitating. “Okay, no problem.” After saying that, Natalie picked up the mop and headed over to the morgue.
  • Harper was speechless.
  • She wanted to make things difficult for Natalie and force the latter to pay a bribe or something. Unfortunately, no one cared about any of that.
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