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Chapter 563 It Cannot Be Yara

  • Natalie bit her lips.
  • She lifted the blanket off herself and wanted to get down from the bed. “I'll go and keep him accompanied.”
  • Yandel tried to stop her. “Boss, Billy is with Samuel now. You don't have to worry about him. The Bowers family has sent their private doctor here to treat him. After all, Samuel is the head of the Bowers family. Even if they have to exhaust everything they own, they won't let anything untoward happen to him.”
  • Seeing that Natalie was still worried, Yandel continued, “Boss, your main priority right now is to make a full recovery! The moment Samuel awakens, he will be heartbroken to see you in this state!”
  • Natalie touched her face and said no more. She picked up the bowl of mushroom soup and finished the rest of it.
  • “Yandel.”
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