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Chapter 550 Black List

  • “Of course.” The woman didn't deny Natalie's claim. “But how your little girl fares will depend on you. It will depend on how far you're willing to go for her.”
  • Natalie was sure she was the kidnapper's target.
  • “I'm willing to do anything. Tell me what I have to do,” Natalie answered without even a bit of hesitation.
  • “I'll give you an address. I want you to come to the address. Only you alone and no one else. If I find out you have Samuel or someone else following you, I'll kill your precious little girl right away.”
  • The woman spoke slowly and arrogantly. Her distorted voice sounded like a witch.
  • “Do you think your relationship with Samuel will still be the same with Sophia's death? So come alone and don't disappoint me. Let me have some fun. Don't make a decision you'll regret.”
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